Barrett Hollo

Barrett Hollo, 25

New York City

Prior to working at SmartFlyer, Barrett Hollo began her career working events at The Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. “I relished the high-pressure environment, ensuring everything ran smoothly and putting out fires that came up along the way,” she recalls. 

After looking into other opportunities across the travel industry, including an option to relocate to Australia, Hollo landed a job as a travel advisor at SmartFlyer. She focuses on planning trips for in-house clients as well as designing honeymoons, family trips and FIT travel to destinations across the globe.

Thus far, the highlight of Hollo’s career has been recognition from SmartFlyer as a “Rising Star Agent.” Advisors within their first three years of booking travel who have shown significant growth year-over-year are eligible. Her numbers qualified in 2018, based on her second year of production. For this category, agents must have a minimum of $750,000 annual revenue. Hollo was recognized for producing more than double that figure, generating more than $1.5 million.

What words of wisdom does Hollo offer to those considering a career in the industry? “Many people my age see the fun parts of being a travel advisor, from Instagram posts of luxury hotels to industry trade shows to article features about the upcoming trends. I’m very candid that there’s so much behind-the-scenes work that goes unseen.”

Ultimately, Hollo says being a travel advisor gives young professionals the chance to develop skills in customer service and sales. “Not only do they specialize in the luxury sector, but they also have a desire to share their passion with those who may not have the time to focus on it themselves.”

Barrett Hollo