Blaine Horton

Blaine Horton, 29
The Accomplished Traveler
New York City

In his four years working in the travel industry, Blaine Horton says he’s gotten to know his clients pretty well — in some cases, better than they know themselves.

“Tailoring and customizing a trip to a particular client is a great way to get to know them,” he remarks. “Over the years, we get to know which experiences will fit [their interests] better before they do.” Originally from Alabama, Blaine Horton says that southern hospitality is in his blood — which he says is an inherent quality in his job as a travel advisor.

“[This is why] I’m so fulfilled by helping others,” he says. “The most rewarding part of my job is curating incredible experiences that help people see the beauty in the world.”

Before Horton found his niche in the travel industry, he was working on Broadway with Tony Award-winning costume designer William Ivey Long. He maintains that his experiences there are what stirred his appreciations for the luxurious and the detailed, as he also fell into the role of arranging a trip for his team at the time. He says he “loved the challenge,” and hasn’t looked back since.

This past year, he was selected as a Bright Young Thing as part of an invitation-only workshop by International Luxury Travel Market, which had partnered with Hyatt Hotels, and also participated in a Millennials round-table discussion for Travel Agent.

Having developed adoration for Asia from traveling there extensively, he says speaking about the location to clients is “hardly a pitch.”

“When I speak with my clients, I try to paint a physical and mental picture of the special moments I have experienced throughout my travels. It all comes from the heart,” he adds.

Blaine Horton

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