Bonnie Sherman

Bonnie Sherman

Protravel International
San Diego

Bonnie Sherman has been a part of the travel agent business for 23 years and in that time she has become a trusted member of the industry with $3 million in sales last year. “Bonnie is passionate about travel,” says her manager, Roseann Iovine. “Even after 20-plus years, she is constantly challenging herself and works hard to be the best.”

How does Sherman excel inside the Protravel family? She says it’s all about the customer service she provides; in fact, all of her business comes from referrals. “I build every time I work with a client,” says Sherman. And since Sherman plans such intricate and well thought-out trips, it’s no wonder she runs her business strictly on word of mouth. One trip Sherman planned took her client to India. Sherman created a custom itinerary with a combination of wellness, yoga, business, culture and history.

Sherman never stops challenging herself and that drive has led her to serve on the Bon Appetit Travel Advisory Board, become a Switzerland and Netherlands specialist, participate in the TCS Private Jet Program and more. With all of this expertise, her travel suggestions carry weight and her top hotel pick of 2016 is the JK Place Rome. “The service here is based on always making clients happy and they will deliver,” says Sherman. “I would recommend it to anyone who can afford this level of sophisticated luxury.” Sherman also has a strategy for upselling clients into a hotel like the JK Place Rome. “I upsell by painting a picture of how the experience will feel,” and she closes the deal by being direct. “I close a sale by holding space for the client and simply asking them if they are ready.”

Bonnie Sherman

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