Brianna Spinnato

Brianna Spinnato, 29
Custom Travel
Wallingford, CT

Brianna [Spinnato’s] drive and determination to help every customer stands out,” says her mother, Veronica Kastu-kevich, who is the owner of Custom Travel. For instance, Spinnato accommodated an elderly woman who came into the office needing only private transfers and scooter rentals in Fort Lauderdale. “Many travel agents would dismiss this as one that may not be ‘worth’ the time or effort,” Kastukevich says.

Spinnato just as pleasantly accepts the more complicated itineraries: one being a honeymoon from New York to Maui and Kauai, then to Tahiti, Mo’orea and Bora Bora — during Christmas and New Year. The inter-island flights proved to be challenging during the busiest travel time of the year, but Spinnato was able to manage all of the moving pieces and found a way to make it work.

When selling travel to potential clients, Spinnato uses the motto “It’s time for a new adventure.” She tells clients to stop waiting for “the right time or the right place — plan something now.” By pulling the trigger on a vacation, clients will end up happier and feeling more fulfilled than waiting for that one perfect trip. Looking for the next “hot” destination? According to Spinnato, you must visit Costa Rica. “It is stunningly beautiful and really does have something for everyone,” she adds.

The motto isn’t just used on her clients; Spinnato applies it to herself as well, namely, when she transitioned from a litigation attorney to a travel agent. She went to law school and practiced for four years before realizing something was missing (“travel!”). It was then that she joined the family business.

Brianna Spinnato

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