Britta Ward, 24

Britta Ward

Britta Ward, 24

Strong Travel Services

Dallas, TX

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic this year and downturn in travel, Britta Ward, who will have worked as a travel advisor for Strong Travel Services in Dallas, Texas, for four years come January 2021, expanded her sales and booked more trips.

Ward tells us that she credits the uptick in sales to her building a website and an email marketing program this year. “This has expanded my personal sales as many people just were not aware of my skills to help them with their trips,” she says.

In addition, she never stopped traveling throughout the year — including a month-long road trip around the country in June and another in October and November. Two spots that Ward visited on her trip that she’s sold a lot of are Austin, Texas, and Yellowstone National Park. She also took the time to travel to Mexico this year to experience firsthand how COVID was affecting travel. Ward reports that she is seeing more interest in travel to Mexico for festive season. (Tip: In Austin, she recommends Commodore Perry Estate, a “staple,” which “feels like another place in time;” and in Mexico, Ward likes Hotel Esencia and Imanta Resorts for romantic travel and the Mayakoba complex for families.) 

Primarily, for Strong Travel, Ward works on corporate accounts to help with their “fast-paced business travel needs,” due to her experience working in the entertainment business on the West Coast. She also runs the Virtuoso agency’s social media presence. In her spare time, however, she has been building her network of leisure clients. 

Jim Strong, president of Strong Travel, says, “Her appetite for seeking and understanding the luxury products around the world is second to none. She is diligent in building relationships with suppliers, which will last through any twists and turns we experience in the industry.”

Britta Ward, 24