Catherine Sodini, 29

Catherine Sodini of AAA Colorado 

Catherine Sodini, 29

AAA Colorado 

Westminster, CO

After booking an Antarctica expedition-of-a-lifetime for three female clients, Catherine Sodini of AAA Colorado learned that One Ocean Expeditions had ceased operations. Working tirelessly to secure refunds (she did), Sodini learned that one client was still determined to go. So, Sodini contacted Hurtigruten and secured a solo cabin (the line nicely waived the single supplement). Presto, the solo traveler explored Antarctica, returned happy and all three women remained clients.

“Members tell us consistently what a joy it is to work with Catherine,” says Joe Maloney, AAA Colorado’s vice president, travel and retail operations, while Vicki Dosdall, senior manager, cites the creative ways Sodini connects with potential travelers including email marketing, webinars/presentations and articles authored for EnCompass magazine. Five years ago, Sodini joined AAA’s southwest Denver office as a domestic travel counselor. She became an international travel advisor in 10 months, transferred to AAA’s Westminster office in 2016, soared as a AAA top producer and achieved CTA certification. 

Now working on CTC certification, “I am giving it my all and being the best travel advisor I can be for more clients,” says Sodini, who passionately matches clients with the right product. Long-term, though, she’d like to develop travel products and services — building relationships on the ground with suppliers in countries and developing inspiring itineraries.

Most memorable hotel? It’s the River Kwai Jungle Rafts Resort in Thailand, where Sodini stayed on a Contiki fam tour. She loved walking to one end of that hotel, jumping into the river, floating to the resort’s other end … and doing that repeatedly. This year, Sodini plans to celebrate her 30th birthday in Australia (her seventh continent visited). 

Catherine Sodini, 29