Cheyenne Schriefer, 29

Cheyenne Schriefer

Cheyenne Schriefer, 29

All Travel Matters

Golden Valley, ND

Cheyenne Schriefer knew that quitting her day job as a loan technician to start her own agency would be a major leap of faith — but she did it anyway. Schriefer launched All Travel Matters, based in Golden Valley, North Dakota, in January 2016 with little more than some online research and guidance from a relative who was in the corporate travel industry. 

Business had been good at the Travel Leaders affiliate — so much so, that she had to turn away clients because she was too busy. So, earlier this year, Schriefer brought on a “sub-agent” to assist with work — and then COVID-19 struck. “Initially I thought the timing may have been bad, but it’s actually been a great time to guide her in the right direction and get some training under her belt while business is a bit slower,” she says. 

To survive during the pandemic, Schriefer had a three-phased approach. First, she spent more time online connecting with her clients, including hosting “at home” travel-themed events. One such virtual “date night” had a Canyon Ranch rep teach everyone massage techniques to use on their partners. Phase Two included focusing on “safe” vacation ideas within the U.S., highlighting the National Parks. Last, Schriefer has been prepping for 2021. “I don’t think that it is my job to tell them how they should feel about [travel]. I do think it is my job to prepare them for it,” she tells Travel Agent.

The good news: Schriefer reports “We’ve been very busy booking vacations for 2021.”

She also highlights the importance of charging service fees and selling travel insurance. “The clients I wanted took me more seriously” when she imposed the fees. And, as for insurance, it’s a way to get an up-front commission and is also “a huge benefit” to clients. 

Cheyenne Schriefer, 29