Danielle Smith Overberger

Danielle Smith Overberger

World Travel Holdings
Wilmington, MA

Danielle Smith Overberger has certifications in a wide range of cruise lines, including Viking, Princess and Crystal. Bringing in more than $3 million a year in sales, Overberger serviced 882 customers last year; 65 percent were repeat clients. That speaks volumes of this 18-year veteran in the industry, but her manager, Bridget Midgett, says it’s also about personal touch. “Danielle makes each customer feel like they are her number-one priority,” says Midgett. “Customers feel special when booking with Danielle because she remembers personal details, no matter how much time has passed since their last booking.”

An avid traveler herself, Overberger is well prepared to provide clients with details and insights about destinations, cruise lines and resorts, adds Midgett.

And while Overberger produces “masterpiece” trips for clients frequently, Midgett says it’s one less extravagant challenge that earned this advisor kudos. One loyal client was sailing on a cruise with a daughter who has multiple sclerosis. On the trip, the girl became seriously ill with pneumonia and was removed from the ship. Overberger acted as the liaison between the client and the insurance company, arranging for a nurse to travel to the family in Bonaire and with them all the way back home to the States. “Not only did she masterfully negotiate the complications associated with medical situations, but also created a lifelong customer who is sure to tell others about the travel agent who went above and beyond for her and her daughter,” says Midgett.

Whether the reservation costs $200 or $20,000, Overberger gives each client the same level of personalized service from start to finish, she adds. 

“I find that my clients rave about my accessibility,” Overberger tells us. “They know that if they e-mail or call me, they will receive a prompt response, even if it’s just an acknowledgment that I received their request.”

Last tip? “Create a lasting relationship with your customers by becoming a friend. It’s easy when you greet every call with a smile. When you know your customers, it becomes even easier to upsell as well. You can offer them personalized upgrades and have a better chance of making the sale. Most importantly, though, do not push clients to make purchases. Respecting your customers’ needs and wants helps you build the personal relationship that establishes life-long clients,” says Overberger.

Danielle Smith Overberger

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