Desiree Overhage, 30

Desiree Overhage

Desiree Overhage, 30

Protravel International

San Francisco, CA

Desiree Overhage and her business partner launched Inner Circle Travel at the beginning of 2020 with a simple idea in mind: “To provide exceptional service at an unsurpassed level, creating bespoke experiences around the world for distinctive individuals and families that share the pleasure for luxury travel.”

The agency, affiliated with Protravel International, has a global clientele that spans across C-level executives, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, medical professionals, and private family offices. 

“My commitment is to provide the same care for investments in travel as a financial advisor would give to a client’s portfolio,” says Overhage.

Don Jones, chief marketing officer for Protravel International and Tzell Travel Group, says that Overhage’s previous roles in the luxury market, such as the Ritz Paris, Hotel Arts Barcelona, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, and The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, allows her to give an insider’s view to her clients. “It’s not enough for Desiree to know the best hotel, but rather, the best room, the best view, the best table where the locals dine, and of course the best value,” says Jones. “For Desiree, it goes far beyond being well-traveled. It is a deep-rooted passion for those unforgettable experiences one can only find by expanding your horizons and experiencing different cultures and the people who bring those cultures to life.”

During the COVID crisis, Overhage, who is based in San Francisco, has kept in close touch with clients, helping them discover domestic luxury resorts. She’s been doing some exploring in her own backyard and sharing her experiences on social media and in her e-mail marketing efforts.

“I’ve gained an appreciation of local destinations on the West Coast by sampling food, nature, and visits to our partner hotels,” she says. “These locations have been popular destinations for my clients seeking safe getaways this summer.”

Desiree Overhage, 30