Elise Angelopulos

Elise Angelopulos, 24
The Travel Siblings / Tzell Travel Group
New York City

For Elise Angelopulos, the key to successfully working with Millennial clients can essentially be broken down to one word: Transparency. This is largely important because her generation grew up using computers to fact-check everything, she tells Travel Agent.  As a result, “Selling travel as a one-and-done package doesn’t always work for this age group. Many Millennials are requesting price breakdowns, and questioning our knowledge in many ways,” she says.

And mastering the art of marketing on social media, particularly Instagram, doesn’t hurt either.

“It amazes me when clients call wanting a particular resort or destination and they know hardly anything about the place other than what they have seen on Instagram,” says Angelopulos. “I use Instagram to position myself as the expert — someone who has been there and done that and can help you get there too.”

Before becoming a travel advisor, she was working in public relations and says she was able to use the skill set she learned from that profession to become an even sharper advisor.

“Like PR, my pitch changes depending on the client and their needs — but it’s always highly personalized,” she says. “I tune in to what’s important for my clients — whether it’s food, luxury, adventure or romance.” 

A few months later, she was part of the NEXT Program at Tzell, a past initiative to train new-to-the-industry agents. 

“From day one of the program, this career felt right. I wanted to combine my passion for client outreach, trip planning and travel,” she tells us. “Leisure travel is the perfect fit for me; every day is an adventure.”

Elise Angelopulos

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