Hannah Nowicki, 28

Hannah Nowicki

Hannah Nowicki, 28

Sunset Travel & Cruise

Chicago, IL

Hannah Nowicki is back as a travel advisor after taking a year off to earn her masters in Tourism Management from the University of Westminster in London. She joined Sunset Travel & Cruise in Chicago as a travel consultant in March, auspicious timing for some, but Renee Meaux, owner of Sunset Travel & Cruise, says that over the past few months, Nowicki’s understanding of the industry and special connections with clients have shown through. “Her personal travel knowledge is impressive and a big asset to the agency,” says Meaux. “She has really stepped up in revamping our social media and blog in the midst of everything to attract new clients and to keep our audience engaged.”

Nowicki, who became a travel advisor right out of college before heading off to London, sees a lot of potential profit in group sales these days. 

“I worked on many groups at my first agency job and keeping a good personal relationship with each individual traveler led to the acquisition of other groups,” she says. “My relationship with one group sprouted two more large 100-plus group bookings. It’s the personal touches that make all the difference.”

In London, Nowicki’s dissertation examined American Baby Boomer travel trends and was awarded a merit grade. “I chose this topic because I knew from working in travel sales that that is our main target market, especially specializing in luxury European travel,” says Nowicki. 

A constant through Nowicki’s career has been the fulfillment she gets from great feedback from clients who have come home raving about her personal recommendations. “I love working with people who are eager to try the new things and suggestions I give them,” she says.

Hannah Nowicki, 28