Jamie Guillen

Jamie Guillen, 30
First in Service Travel

New York City

“Some of my favorite feedback was from a bride-to-be,” says Jamie Guillen. “I had a concierge set up beautiful photographs of her engagement shoot — one included a photo of their dog — in her room upon arrival. She called me, telling me how taken aback she was because she was already missing her fiancé and her pup.”

Guillen lives by the motto “it’s the little things in life that mean the most” and is proud of the amount of detail that she puts in to designing trips for clients. Her position as an independent contractor at First in Service Travel, a member of Virtuoso, means she can take care of all of the leisure itinerary requests while her mother and brother focus on the fashion and corporate accounts. Did we mention she is following in her family’s footsteps?

Guillen believes that advisors who take the time to plan and create itineraries just for fun are the people who will find success. “I am all about us getting out there and discovering, going outside of our ‘normal’ everyday lives and seeing the world,” she says.

The most difficult itinerary she’s put together, Guillen says, was a honeymoon for one of her dearest friends. “I wanted everything to be 110 percent perfect because this was the first time they had turned to a travel advisor and had requested a hotel that was showing as ‘sold out’ online.” The pressure to ‘wow’ guests while also encouraging them to book with an advisor in the future was challenging. “I reached out to the contact at that hotel who helped me find a wonderful suite,” she says. “They were blown away. I have converted online bookers to now [be] my own clients. They’ve been recommending me ever since and I’m currently planning their babymoon.”

Jamie Guillen