Jan Herwick

Travel Agent’s 2016 Top 25 All Stars

Andavo Travel
Larkspur, CA

This independent contractor with Andavo Travel is committed and driven, yet has an outgoing personality and an engaging sense of humor, manager Seta Kembikian says of Jan Herwick, who took $2 million in sales last year. “This dichotomy may seem impossible, but Jan is able to pull it off. Jan’s love of travel and life is perfectly coupled with a desire to know about the industry.”

Herwick has been a Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts “Top 40” producer for the past four years and her most recent “famous feat” involved booking a Private Jet Journey for five people. She held their hand throughout the planning process, advising them about vaccinations, weather reports and payment schedules, all the while sprinkling in more details to make their trip extra special. “The clients came back raving about her services and follow through. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is a huge asset to our company and to her clients,” says Kembikian, who further explains that Herwick has done a great job of embracing technology over her 20 years in the business. She also marvels at Herwick’s passion and inquisitiveness, which have led her around the world. “Jan has traveled to six of the seven continents and has seen most of the world’s oceans and deserts,” she adds.

Herwick’s tips for closing a sale? “Reminding the traveler that they’ve made an excellent choice in the destination and that you’re confident they will enjoy their trip is key,” she says. “Also, have the traveler communicate what they’re excited about; that’s an opportunity to provide an additional service.” And lastly? “Being genuinely concerned about their questions, comments and even criticism can help with closing a sale.”

Jan Herwick

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