Jessica Renshaw

Jessica Renshaw, 28
Renshaw Travel
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jessica Renshaw is taking wellness travel to the next level. While attending Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Renshaw studied kinesiology; her honors thesis focused on promotion of physical activity and how transformational leadership has a positive impact on people becoming more physically active. Renshaw’s sister, Carly, is a holistic nutritionist and together they “prescribe travel for one’s well-being.” This usually entails “transformative travel experiences” and top wellness resorts and hotels.

Despite her “Wellness Travel Consultant” title, Renshaw sells more than just health-oriented travel. Currently, a client of hers is spending one month traveling through The Maritimes in Canada. The solo woman is trekking across Newfoundland to discover her family’s ancestry; Renshaw set her itinerary to include the under-traveled southern shore of Nova Scotia, Sable Island, Annapolis Valley, and Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Although Renshaw is a third-generation agent (her grandfather Don Renshaw Sr. started the agency in 1948), she’s been making a name for herself. This past June, she was nominated as Virtuoso’s Rising Star. Renshaw appreciates the recognition, but says she holds the feedback from her customers more closely to her heart. “One of my clients sent me an e-mail while on his trip [to] let me know the hotel was treating him like visiting royalty,” she says.

Most of Renshaw’s clients are Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Each year, she sends them her Annual Christmas Letter. In it, she keeps her clients informed of her recent travels. She will, however, “pitch” the destination only if she feels it’s truly a good fit for what the client is looking for.

Renshaw has also recently begun stepping into a management role with the family business, and participates in several community organizations.

Jessica Renshaw

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