Jessica Schiesl

Jessica Schiesl, 25
Sunset Travel & Cruise

In only two years as a travel agent, Jessica Schiesl has proven her worth to her agency, Sunset Travel & Cruise, earning her a spot in our 30Under30 issue. Schiesl sells to both Baby Boomers and Millennials, but relates to her age group especially well. One tip she offers agents targeting Millennials is to offer payment plans. 

“As a Millennial, we are all trying to travel the world with almost no money,” she tells Travel Agent. Payment installments allow potential clients to go on their dream trip without going into debt, according to Schiesl. Millennials are also on the lookout for “secret, local spots,” and agents should take advantage by knowing which direction to point clients in. 

Recently, a couple that wanted to spend their two-week honeymoon exploring Australia and New Zealand came to Schiesl. “I didn’t even know where to begin,” she admits, but with time and careful planning, she was able to book snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Bridge Climb, up-close time with a koala, and more. 

One project that Schiesl has been working on for Sunset is a group travel event for Millennials with a rotating destination each year.

Schiesl had some industry experience before becoming an agent: she studied hospitality management in college and worked for a hotel for one year before the switch. Since then, she’s collected her fair share of awards, including the New Stars Award from Tourism Cares, a scholarship from ASTA’s Young Professional Society, and a cape — yes, a cape — from G Adventures, signifying she’s an Agent of Change, their motto being “Travel Changes People, People Change the World.”

Jessica Schiesl

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