Julie McClaflin

Julie McClaflin

The Travel Center, Ltd.
Des Moines, IA

A warm, caring personality and boundless energy are two characteristics that help Julie McClaflin bring in $1.4 million in sales a year. In fact, she’s consistently topped the $1 million mark annually since 2004, including during the recession. “She gives out her cell phone and is available to help her clients 24/7,” says her manager, Kay South. “She is an amazing person and an amazing travel agent.”

McClaflin, who has been an agent for 23 years, recently crafted a family trip to Italy with private tours in Rome and Florence and a villa for a week in Tuscany. “She even arranged for the parents to visit it earlier in the year to check it out prior to booking for the rest of the family,” says South.

McClaflin is constantly looking for unique trips that might appeal to her clients. “When I see something that catches my attention, I send out e-mails to a few, select customers that I feel would be interested in that particular trip,” she tells us. “I follow up with a phone call and even if they don’t want the trip that I sent, I remind them to contact me if they want to travel in the future.”

When building an FIT trip, she includes everything and then works with the client to remove or change things they don’t want. “Know your client and start at the top end of their price range instead of starting low and adding,” says McClaflin.

One last tip? “I close a sale by being positive and proactive about the trip and remind them of all the great things they will see and do when they take it.”

Julie McClaflin

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