Julie Michaels

Julie Michaels, 29
Century Travel, a Worldview Travel Company

From running a nonprofit in New Orleans to building her own book of business, Julie Michaels has had the chance to book exotic luxury trips all around the world. Michaels joined Century Travel, a Worldview Travel Company (soon to become Travel Edge in September) and member of Virtuoso, as an assistant to Peter Lloyd and Gene Lashley, the agency’s owners, and was soon booking travel on behalf of a diverse assortment of clients. 

“Compared to being a specialized supplier, I was drawn to the variety in being a travel agent,” Michaels says. “In one day I can go mentally around the world and back: putting the final touches on a Japan itinerary, checking in on clients in Italy, brainstorming with a supplier from New Zealand, chatting with a new client about Chile, and customizing a tour in South Africa.”

“We can honestly state that Julie is the best person we have ever brought into the industry,” remarks Peter Lloyd, noting that the agency has brought countless people into the travel industry over its 33-year history. “She has the innate cultural curiosity that makes one a great agent and in fact a great person.” 

Most recently, Michaels had a chance to visit Turkey, where she was impressed with the welcoming and hospitable people, as well as the layers of history in the country. 

“Telling a client that you’ve been, you felt safe, and that you personally met with the on-the-ground suppliers in the country who will look after them on their travels, speaks volumes,” says Michaels. “More than anything now in this global political climate, we need understanding, we need compassion.”

Julie Michaels

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