Katrina Marie Hegge

Katrina Marie Hegge, 28
Harmon Travel

Boise, ID

Fresh out of college, Katrina Marie Hegge became a Junior Golf Director for the state of Idaho, putting on tournaments for golfers ages eight to 11. After two years of this kind of work, she decided it was not what she wanted.

“One night, I was watching a travel show and thought, ‘what an awesome job, getting to make peoples dreams come true,’” Hegge says. “So I contacted Harmon Travel and the rest is history.” Hegge is a leisure travel consultant at the agency, specializing in multigenerational groups, sporting events, the UK and Ireland

In May, she had planned an elaborate trip to Vietnam and Cambodia for a mother and daughter. The mother had served in the army in Vietnam and had not been back there since the war. Hegge says their trip consisted of 15 days, covering five different cities, seven hotels, travel on planes, trains, buses, motorbikes and boats.

“We were also able to find one of the nurses she had trained during the war, who I was able to find via her granddaughter and Facebook. They met up in Hanoi for dinner and when my clients returned home, they told me that they spent over 10 hours with the retired nurse and her family,” Hegge says. 

Over the last two years, she reached the Gold Level Status at Harmon Travel (a member of Signature), which is more than a million dollars of sales — and she is just getting started. Her sales performance is on track for another gold year.

And yet Hegge stays true to her roots, which have helped her thus far. Barbara Harmon, the agency’s vice president, tells us, “Her experience with collegiate golf has allowed her to create unique niche vacations for her clients.” 

Katrina Marie Hegge

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