Kim Launer

Kim Launer

Royal Travel & Tours
DeKalb, IL

Kim Launer of Royal Travel & Tours is all about the tropics and that includes destination weddings, groups, Europe, French Polynesia and river cruises. She’s also adept at resolving travel challenges. Just recently, Launer booked a wedding client who had contacted the resort they wanted in Dominican Republic directly, but no one was getting back to the bride with date options. The bride reached out to Launer and — voila!— within one day she had the wedding date and room block booked.

Other impressive feats? A couple wanted to spend three weeks in Australia and New Zealand, but had a blank slate as to what they wanted to do. Launer, who brings in more than $1 million in sales, curated a detailed itinerary that exceeded their expectations with many experiences they would have never thought of doing, says Kendra Thornton, owner of the agency. Launer has also planned three separate, different around-the-world custom trips for one couple, investing a lot of time to ensure the details and experiences were unique.

Thornton says Launer’s skills go beyond selling travel. “Not only is she a team player and a pro at what she does, but she’s a fantastic mentor to newer travel consultants and a huge champion for our agency, always bringing creative ideas to her clients, colleagues and the agency,” says Thornton. “Kim is without a doubt one of the best in the business — beloved by supplier partners, clients, colleagues and anyone else she works with. Kim always has a smile on her face and something worthwhile to contribute.”

Launer has 32 years of experience in the business, which no doubt helps her achieve her status as an all-star advisor, but she also has a few personal credos that help her succeed. “The smartest thing I ever did to expand my business was building my luxury clientele and receiving their referrals,” she tells us. “I’m also about going above and beyond in making sure the service is there. I’m also always offering the best value to the client to suit their needs.”

Kim Launer

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