Kristin Chambers

Kristin Chambers
DA Luxury Travel

Kristin Chambers credits her nurturing instincts for her success, but her business instincts also played a role. She launched DA Luxury Travel in 2007 after five years with another agency.

“This was when agencies were facing the challenges brought on by the rise of Internet agencies. I considered signing on with a host or becoming directly affiliated with IATA. I chose the latter. It required a leap of faith as well as a financial investment. I applied for IATA certification, was approved, and my story began,” says Chambers.

A decade hence, that story is unfolding quite nicely. Chambers’ Boston-based agency (formerly Destination Affairs, Inc.) is pulling in more than $2 million in bookings annually. From the beginning, her instincts told her there was a market for her type of service. 

“I held true to my belief that luxury clients would always seek the personal human connection rather than the generic appeal of booking online. I learned how to make the Internet work for me, not against me,” says Chambers. 

In early 2017, DA Luxury Travel joined Virtuoso. It’s a spot-on match for the firm’s specialties, which include honeymoons, family travel and exotic destinations. 

Chambers’ status as a certified sommelier also gives her an edge with culinary and vinitourism itineraries. 

As for trends, she cites a surge in interest in Nordic and / or expedition travel styles. 

“With the current political climate, recent weather disasters and other unfortunate events, travelers want a ‘human connection’ experience and the opportunity to learn about other cultures,” says Chambers.

Back home, she’s bringing that human connection full circle. 

“I gave a Sri Lanka presentation to a fifth-grade class,” she tells us. “It was rewarding to see the children’s faces light up when they viewed my photos of Yala, tea plantations, Buddhist culture, and listened to my stories.”

Kristin Chambers

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