Lilly Sutton

Lilly Sutton, 26
Ovation Travel Group

New York City

“Lilly has a special way about her that helps her succeed in this increasingly competitive business,” says Sylvia Lebovitch, an independent advisor at Ovation Travel Group, a Virtuoso member, of Lilly Sutton. “Her success is evident in the flood of referrals that come in day after day.”

“After every one of my clients’ trips, I reach out to them to see how their trip went and the responses have been great thus far,” Sutton says. “Clients have specifically shared how much they appreciate the attention to detail in planning their trips, and I have seen repeat business and referrals due to the positive feedback.”

Case in point: Sutton was recently challenged to pull together two intricately challenging trips, one to Bora Bora and Tahiti and the other a 10-day trip around Croatia and Montenegro, despite not having been to either of the destinations. 

“I had to learn so much about them and how difficult and detailed it is to get to each of these destinations,” Sutton says. “I had to make sure all the connecting flights and ferries matched up, plan all the dining, touring and beach club reservations in Croatia and research the best places to scuba dive in Tahiti.”

Research and her continuing passion to learn has been a running theme of Sutton’s two-year career thus far. “Her knowledge has grown exponentially in the past two years,” says Lebovitch. “She has a discerning eye for what clients will like as she expertly matches the correct property to the right client.”

Lilly Sutton

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