Lindsey Prumers

Lindsey Prumers

The Travel Society

Lindsey Prumers provides her clients with advice and consultation in all types of travel situations. Case in point: A new client called her and was distraught because his parents missed their flight home from Europe. His father was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and his mother had booked the trip through another agent. Prumers, who has been a travel advisor for 24 years, gathered information and called on a local guide to find the parents. He found the parents at a roadside café by identifying their car in the parking lot. Prumers arranged for the guide to stay in a hotel room next to them until the next day and had the guide escort the couple to the airport.

That elevated level of dedicated service enabled Prumers to make $2.3 million in sales last year and has made 2016 a stellar year of growth for her.

“Lindsey has been able to take her business started in a home office to a building [that she’s purchased] and can now offer great starting positions to our community to strengthen and introduce a new generation to our industry,” says manager Gina Philp of The Travel Society.

As an independent contractor for The Travel Society, Prumers’ business is 90 percent leisure and 10 percent corporate. She says her selling power comes from being transparent and responsive. “I never try to pressure clients into upsells, but I do stand behind my recommendations,” she says. Prumers makes sure to explain the differences between group tours and private tours. She also provides her firsthand experience, educating the clients on what it felt like when she stayed at a four-star property compared to a five-star hotel. “Closing sales is all about chemistry,” says Prumers. “Make sure you’re building more of a partner relationship with your client compared to a strictly business one.”

Prumers is a European destination specialist and says that focusing on just one specific region was the best thing she ever did for her business. By focusing her attention and know-how, she has developed intimate knowledge of the destination and can create bespoke experiences. But most of all success comes back to that dedication she gives to her clients. “Show your loyalty and enjoy working with that client,” says Prumers.

Lindsey Prumers

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