London O’Regan

London O’Rega

London O’Regan, 28
San Simeon Travel

Cambria, CA

Having been raised in the travel industry by parents who took him along as they escorted clients to the far-flung corners of the world, London O’Regan visited all seven continents by the time he was 23. One destination had a lasting impact.

“I lived in Australia for a year working in tourism and upon my return in 2014, I decided to make travel my full time career, joining our family’s luxury boutique travel agency, San Simeon Travel.” He used his expertise in the land down under to become a member of Signature Travel Network’s elite “Travel Expert Select” program, which links top travel destination experts with financial institutions and other select companies seeking to partner with knowledgeable travel advisors. 

“Prior to [that] I became a certified ‘Aussie Specialist’ by Tourism Australia and was honored to attend Corroboree West. I am also a Certified Tauck Agent, which is only one percent of all travel advisors selling Tauck tours.”

Having some “extremely particular luxury travelers with very high standards and strange requests” presents unique challenges, he tells us. For one client taking a lengthy trip, “I had to request a filter on the shower head, a magnetic cover for the air conditioning unit, feather-free room, no mohair, quiet location, no connecting door, small empty refrigerator — the list goes on.” O’Regan pulled it off, he tells us, “with pleasure.”

A team player, O’Regan recently collaborated with his fellow advisors at San Simeon to create and manage an elaborate gorilla trekking itinerary in Africa and beyond. “There were bags coming and going, transfers, special hotel requests, countless flights both charter and scheduled,” he says. It turned out to be “a trip of lifetime” for their clients and, he adds, “I am happy to report it all went without incident.”

London O’Regan

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