Olivia Patterson

Olivia Patterson, 27
Lake Shore Travel
Glencoe, IL

Surprise travel has been a growing trend lately, and Olivia Patterson of Lake Shore Travel, a member of Virtuoso, had a chance to get in on the action with a recent surprise getaway she planned for a group of clients. 

“On the one hand this was a dream come true, a completely blank canvas,” Patterson tells us. “On the other, I had to ensure that each woman felt that the trip spoke to her in some way…a daunting task when you can’t ask for feedback on your ideas.” 

Patterson says she made sure to get to know each of the women, including their likes and dislikes, places to which they have traveled, dream trips, and even hobbies. While Patterson could not reveal their destination as of press time for fear of spoiling it for them, she says she has planned something truly exciting. 

Patterson is also on the board for the Chicago chapter of Young Travel Professionals, where she works to facilitate broader opportunities for networking for Millennials joining the travel and hospitality industry. Recently, she was also featured in a video by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism promoting travel to the destination. 

“From the beginning, Olivia has approached her career as a luxury travel advisor with a passion for learning and growing,” says Rosann Glantz, senior vice president at Lake Shore Travel. “She takes advantage of every learning opportunity presented, including extensive travel, developing relationships with supplier partners as well as professional training courses and community leadership. She does all of this with a goal of providing her clients with the best possible service and travel experiences.” 

Olivia Patterson

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