Pat Walker

Pat Walker 
Pat Walker Travel / First in Service
Beverly Hills, CA

How does one get be a 30-year travel agency veteran pulling in $15 million a year in sales volume? In Pat Walker’s case it was simply sticking with the basics.

“I worked hard to learn everything I could about travel. I wanted to be well-versed so that I could easily get work in every capacity of travel. Sometimes that meant volunteering for jobs that others would not take. Key decisions were just taking risks whenever I could,” she says.

More recently she has been taking full advantage of an impactful trend she has discerned.

“Travelers are coming back to agents instead of using online travel sites. [They] appreciate that the value of having someone advocate for them is more important than a low-priced deal with no support.” 

In early 2017, Walker joined forces with First in Service (F1S) — a match made in heaven according to F1S CEO Fernando Gonzalez. “Increasing our footprint in the west was a top priority at F1S and bringing Pat Walker Travel into the F1S family was a dream opportunity to meet our goals. Pat’s business is rooted in entertainment and she was looking for a partner who understood the nuances of the entertainment business. We came together organically which has proven to be a great fit.”

Earlier this year, Pat booked “an amazing trip” to St. Tropez for 20 beauty influencers from all different parts of the world for the CEO of a top cosmetic brand. On very short notice, “Pat and her team handled everything perfectly, including flights, hotels, meet / greets, transfers, dietary restrictions, etc.," Gonzalez tells us.

That’s just one example of how Walker has earned the respect of her highly coveted entertainment clientele, says Gonzalez, who adds, “Pat’s work ethic and reputation are unparalleled.” 

Pat Walker

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