Patrycja Wojewoda Kobak

Patrycja Wojewoda Kobak
OK Travel Agency

One of the requirements of Patrycja Kobak’s college Travel Business and Management program was an internship. She applied at a local travel agency, where, she says, “I was told there was no opening for me after my internship ends.” However, after about four months, “I think I proved my worth, and the position was created just for me. I started with sorting brochures and updating Facebook, and currently I am successfully handling multiple clients on my own.”

Early on, she learned how challenging the job could be. Two clients decided to go to Peru — and they wanted to leave in two days. “It was early in my career, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing and I was the only agent working at that time — everyone else was out of town,” Kobak tells us. “I thought I was going to cry...I was clueless.” 

After the initial panic subsided, “I got to work. I knew it was a way for me to prove that I can handle anything in this business.” All seemed to go well with the trip, but she didn’t hear from the clients for a considerable time after their return. Then, one day, “they came in with a huge gift basket to thank me for the hard work and tell me their trip was perfect,” she adds.

Kobak is a proponent of using social media, especially when selling to Millennials. “Facebook has been huge for me. Get your name out there and don’t give up,” she advises. It’s tough sometimes, she admits “but if you keep up with a social media schedule, and don’t overdo it, it will work. Share pictures and thoughts from your personal trips, or even client’s trips (with their permission). Keep those relationships active, and the business will pick up.”

Patrycja Wojewoda Kobak

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