Samantha Lang, 26

Samantha Lang

Samantha Lang, 26

House of Travel 

Aventura, FL

Samantha Lang’s key role at her family’s House of Travel agency has been in groups and meetings. However, since COVID struck, she’s also been handling vacation travel for her leisure clients, who range between 20 and 30 years old, and who have continued to travel. “I also went back to school for digital marketing and advertising so I can continue helping the travel agency grow,” she tells us.

Lang grew up in the travel agency business but after studying Hospitality Management at Rosen College, she headed to Costa Rica and became a front desk agent at Nayara Resorts in Arenal. She was quickly promoted to sales manager for the North America region, but decided to bring her skills back home in late 2018. She joined House of Travel’s meetings department where she was responsible for site selection, budgeting, being on site if needed, accounting reconciliation, and final surveys. Due to her great results, she started receiving requests directly from accounts that were not the agency’s clients, such as General Mills; a division of LVMH based in New York; and a law firm in Switzerland, to name a few. Lang was promoted to groups manager and in 2019, she handled over 70 meetings that ranged from 10 people to 250, and locations in seven states and three countries. 

“Her success is well-documented, and her reputation with those clients shined. As this department grew by her hand, she had to hire and train new personnel to bolster her team,” says Allegra Peters, COO of House of Travel of Miami

When COVID hit, clients ceased activities, but Lang just worked harder, says Peters. “She stepped up and taught herself about marketing in travel, and web design to help the company upgrade its website. We really do not know how she pulled it off, but she has done an incredible job for us and is one of our most-valued travel consultants.”

Samantha Lang, 26