Shayna McClendon

Shayna McClendon, 26
Frosch Travel
Colorado Springs, CO

After joining her travel agency just two years ago, Shayna McClendon is already in charge of managing the organization’s annual travel show. McClendon is responsible for planning the theme of the show, inviting vendors, suppliers and clients, and managing all physical aspects of the event. 

McClendon joined Frosch Travel, a member of Signature Travel Network, in Colorado Springs as an intern and was hired immediately upon graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism. In addition to planning the travel show, she does “a little of everything” in the office, including booking client travel all over the world and assisting other agents with their bookings. 

McClendon is also on Frosch’s FT2 Advisory Board, which assists in the hiring and training of new travel agents. The Board meets every year to discuss the latest training curriculum. 

“[Shayna] is learning all the aspects of a travel consultant’s job, but is most confident helping Gen Xers and Millennials,” says Nancy Heck, office manager at Frosch. “She is doing all this while planning her own wedding, honeymoon AND recovering from a life-changing health experience.”

McClendon cites both Heck and Marc Kazlauskas, president of the leisure division and U.S. branch operations at Frosch, as her professional mentors, noting, “Overall, I work with and under amazing mentors that I could not be more excited about.”

“Out of all the careers in the travel industry, I wanted to be a travel agent because I love interacting with people,” McClendon says. “We are one of the few offices that get walk-ins, and I love that we still get those. You never know what is going to come through the door.”

Shayna McClendon

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