Sofia Hedman

Sofia Hedman, 26
Accent on Travel
Rehoboth Beach, DE

A first-generation American, Sofia Hedman experienced travel from a young age, having had the opportunity to visit relatives throughout Europe. This sparked her yearning to travel, as well as her desire to share and create these experiences with and for others. 

But hard work, dedication and an innate knack for the business are traits that have allowed the 26-year-old travel advisor to soar in the field. Upon first arriving at her agency, Hedman “took part in a two-year mentorship program where I began working directly under the president of the company [Annette Stellhorn].” 

The skills that she learned from Stellhorn have given her the ability to thrive in her latest post as Group Travel Coordinator, Hedman says — a field that she was very new to when she was first promoted in June of 2016. In this position, she coordinated the logistics for $2.5 million a year in travel. 

In her short two years at the agency, “[I] was elected to the Young Advisors Community’s Steering Committee and the advisory board for Signature Travel Network,” Hedman tells us. Stellhorn has duly recognized Hedman’s delight in selling travel as well as her patience when training staff members, both new and experienced.

“[Sofia’s] caring attitude toward client concerns is sincere, her personal attentiveness to agency profitability refreshing and her team spirit inspiring,” Stellhorn says. “She finds time to mentor ‘new-to-industry’ advisors and our staff’s experienced professionals to new technology. Her participation as a Young Advisor Committee Webinar Facilitator reflects her selfless passion to the industry that one cannot help but find admirable.”

Sofia Hedman