Sunny Rovitz, 26 

Sunny Rovitz, Magma Global 

Sunny Rovitz, 26 

Magma Global 

New York, NY

As the director of travel and lifestyle at Magma Global, Sunny Rovitz loves helping clients get access to curated dining experiences and culturally immersive activities that are unique to each destination. “It’s always been in my nature to be tapped into what’s innovative and compelling for destinations on my radar,” says Rovitz.

Prior to becoming a travel advisor, she worked in the world of media at Viacom, doing advertising sales for TV Land and the Country Music Channel. Her friends urged her to turn to a career she loved, and after learning there was an open position at Magma Global she considered the concept of having a career “where you can work on something you love every single day. So far, it’s been rewarding, challenging and motivating and I haven’t looked back since,” she reports.

She gauges her success by the number of referrals she gets from clients. “While the client might not always give you a call to say ‘thank you,’ the introduction they make to someone after a recent trip speaks volumes,” says Rovitz.

Mark Rothman, founder & CEO of Magma Global, says that over the past three years, Rovitz has contributed substantially to the growth of the company. “Her extensive knowledge of trending hotels and restaurants has made her a valuable resource to her clients,” he says. “Her ability to network and think outside the box has led to new business, even during the pandemic. Her clients always commend her reliability, strong communication, and willingness to go the extra mile, on top of creating truly memorable travel experiences. Currently, she is focusing on helping her clients navigate the new normal.”

Sunny Rovitz, 26