Susan Swett

Susan Swett
Crystal Lake Travel Agency, Inc.
Crystal Lake, IL

She may have 41 years’ experience as a travel agent, but Susan Swett is still reinventing herself and her agency, Crystal Lake Travel, a member of MAST, where her annual sales volume is $1.3 million. It’s one of few still thriving in her city. 

Her secret to success involves staying on top of travel trends, learning about new destinations and travel styles through personal travels, and taking advantage of continuing education programs. 

“Sue is a busy person, but still finds the time to be active in her business community and other organizations. I have known Sue for 20 years and have seen her participate dozens of times at MAST meetings, workshops and events throughout the years. She has achieved our Million Dollar Agent Sales Award for 13 years in a row,” says John Werner, MAST president. 

This past year, Swett decided to shake things up a bit at Crystal Lake Travel.

 “It was an amazing year as we changed the business model in the agency. We had agents begin specializing in different areas to better service our clients and keep them updated with the most current valuable information. I specialize in Europe and worldwide FIT’s. It’s been an incredible learning experience even with the number of years I have been in travel,” says Swett.

She continues to challenge herself with new travel itineraries for clients, noting that destinations such as Iceland, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand are in demand these days. 

“Travelers want to expand their knowledge of other cultures,” says Swett. You can include her in that same category. A few years ago, she worked hard to customize a detailed sightseeing and hiking trip to Peru for a client. It garnered such raves, she decided to take the identical trip herself. 

Susan Swett