Terrah Van Meter

Terrah Van Meter

Legacy Travel
Plano, TX

Whether it was while she was an aspiring dental hygienist or in her current role as a luxury travel advisor, it’s always been Terrah Van Meter’s goal to put a smile on people’s faces.

While attending college to become a dental hygienist, Van Meter sold vacation packages for a few months with Legacy Travel, and it wasn’t long before she was hooked.

Now, in her 11th year as a travel advisor, Van Meter is earning an annual sales volume of roughly $2.3 million for Legacy Travel, where her co-workers praise her for the reputation she has garnered throughout the industry.

 “At industry events, agents who I meet will often break out in a huge smile and say, ‘If you are from Legacy, you must know my friend Terrah.’” says Philip Banks, president of Legacy Travel. “She is a great ambassador.“

Van Meter says her career took off in 2009 partly because that was also the same year she decided to devote herself to group travel, something she describes as “a beautiful, lucrative business.” It also didn’t hurt to be aligned with one of the industry’s top consortia.

“The smartest thing I ever did to expand my business was joining the Signature Travel Network,”  Van Meter tells us. “By partnering with Signature, I have been able to help my clients in an entirely new and innovative way. Their team is extremely smart, cultured and down to earth. Game-changer.”

And it also doesn’t hurt that as Van Meter continued to grow her business, she made sure she didn’t remain complacent, constantly staying on top of the latest travel trends.

“A new trend that I am seeing in the honeymoon scene is couples wanting to go to more authentic type of resorts that immerse them into their surroundings and culture,” says Van Meter.

Whatever she is selling, she succeeds by following this simple philosophy:

“The key is to make your clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable as much as humanly possible,” she says. “You are not trying to convince them of anything else.”

Terrah Van Meter

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