Thomas Varghese

Thomas Varghese

Travel Tom
Derwood, MD

Thomas Varghese went from investing in companies as an employee with a Wall Street firm to investing his time in delivering once-in-a-lifetime experiences for vacationers as a now-seasoned luxury travel advisor.

After a stint in high finance, Varghese started dabbling in the advisor world about 14 years ago, developing a franchise with American Express travel. Although it was a far cry from wheeling and dealing stocks in New York City, the amount of time and devotion required to be a successful advisor was nothing new to him.

Now, just two years into starting his own business, Varghese works an average of at least 70 hours a week, pulling in about $2 million in sales volume. But if you want to truly see how devoted he is to his new trade, just look at one of the most recent and elaborate honeymoons he booked during his time at the helm of his own company.

It was a honeymoon to South Africa and the Seychelles that involved so many different layers and moving parts. The couple he booked it for started out spending a few nights in a game park, where they saw the “Big Five” African animals, then they went to Victoria Falls. They then went to Cape Town, where they did wine kitchen tours, cage diving with sharks and eventually ended up in the Seychelles, finishing their honeymoon in an over-the-top luxurious property.

“My best advice about selling is to focus on understanding your clients,” he tells us. “To start, you have to understand their needs and take a consultative approach, not a sales approach. As an agent, it is your responsibility to hear exactly what they want and how they need it. If you do that, the client will ultimately appreciate the value that they are getting and that you are able to give to them.”

Thomas Varghese

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