Victoria Reisinger

Victoria Reisinger, 29
The Travel Agency Inc.
Chattanooga, TN

Since joining the travel industry in 2014, Victoria Reisinger of The Travel Agency Inc., a member of Travel Leaders, has grown adept at balancing her clients’ desires for luxury, budget and “living like a local.” 

In one memorable trip, Reisinger booked a honeymoon for a couple who wanted to travel to the Greek Isles. While the couple had one island in mind, they were not sure if it was within their budget. In the end, Reisinger was able to book them on three different islands of their top choices, along with a smaller, less-popular island — all on budget. The couple got to take a sunset catamaran cruise in Santorini, a personal cooking class in Mykonos, and a full-day island cruise with a stop in the Blue Caves in Zakynthos

Even when the clients had an issue with their flight in Athens, which was overbooked, Reisinger was able to jump on the phone with the tour operator and within 15 minutes she had them booked on the next flight out. 

“They came home raving about the personal touches that were included, and said that their honeymoon was even better than they could have ever dreamed it could be!” says Reisinger. “Statements such as that are what make all the late nights and early mornings 100 percent worth it.”

Testimonials such as that one also help drive Reisinger’s active social media presence. She maintains a personal travel agent Facebook page that is filled with positive feedback from her clients. 

“Not only do they take the time to review their experiences, but many of them have also returned for their next travel plans, and referred friends and family to me as well!” Reisinger says of the clients on her Facebook page. “Referrals are the absolute best compliment that I can personally receive, and the sole reason why I am constantly increasing client base year after year.”

Victoria Reisinger