Young Kim

Young Kim, 29
Frosch Private Client Services
New York City

Young Kim exceeds expectations in everything she does,” says her manager, Karen Schueller. “Her ability to vet travel providers, communicate needs, sort logistics, and add personalized touches to a member’s itinerary is simply unmatched in my years as director of Private Client Services (PCS).”

That helps to explain Kim’s quick promotion to a PCS manager a relatively short time after joining the company, as well her being invited by International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) to be a part of the Rising Stars program, which recognizes young, up-and-coming travel professionals. “I base my success on the lasting, strong relationships built both with the clients as well as suppliers in the industry,” Kim says. Her prior work experience gave her an edge. 

“Before becoming a travel consultant, I was working on the administrative side of travel in vendor relations,” Kim tells us. “The opportunity turned out marvelously, as I am able to now apply my product knowledge when consulting directly with clientele.”

When it comes to selling travel to her fellow Millennials, she says “I always explain the value of using a travel agent with a series of questions: 

“Do you want the best bargain barrel deal? If so, the Internet has you covered, but if anything goes wrong, you’ll be sitting on hold waiting for the next customer service representative.

“Do you want someone else to deal with it and solve the problem when it arises? You can call Delta’s toll-free line or I can talk to my representative. You can sit on the phone for two hours or I will do it for you.

“Do you want a perfect getaway? The best life experience? Then you want someone who has devoted their entire career to becoming an expert on travel to be in your corner. [Or] would you rather wander aimlessly and gamble with what little vacation time you have?” 

Young Kim

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