Make More Money Booking Packaged Travel

Agents looking to boost their income (and who isn’t?) will find that working with tour operators can help their bottom line. Here are three ways packaged travel can help enrich your wallet.


      1. Book More for Straight Commission

Tour operators allow you to offer competitive rates and savings on flights, hotels, cars, sightseeing and more when you book your client’s vacation components together. The more elements you add to the package, the higher your commission will be. Adding more to your clients’ vacations also enriches their experiences and means there is less for them to have to worry about once at the destination. They will remember your guidance and will continue to book travel with you on future trips. Plus, booking all components through a single tour operator saves you time which can be used to book additional travel and make you even more money.

2. Add Your Own Commission

Some tour operators/wholesalers offer the option of net rates where you can add your own commission to the price of the package. You can decide the amount of work involved in the sale and compensate yourself with a commission and/or fee that are fair to both client and you.

3. Seek Out Hotel Commission Bonuses

Always see if your tour operator partners provide bonus commission opportunities with hotel partners or on select packages. American Airlines Vacations, for example, always offers up to 5 percent bonus commissions with up to three hotel partners per month; that’s 5 percent on the hotel portion in addition to your contracted commission rates for every package booked that includes the hotel partners for that month. Travel agent 5 percent bonus commission offers for September 2017 from American Airlines Vacations include Melia Hotel’s Paradisus Los Cabos and Hilton Caribbean resorts. If you are booking Mexico or Caribbean vacations right now, see if these options are a good match for your clients and easily add to your agency revenue.



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