Stat: 78.3 Percent of Travel Agents Have 10 or More Years of Experience has released a comprehensive survey of the travel agent job market.

Hot Travel Jobs conducted a survey from August to November of 2015, collecting responses from both employed and unemployed travel agents. The number of respondents totaled 477, with 43.4 percent being corporate agents, 30.8 percent leisure agents and 16.8 percent which worked as both corporate and leisure. 9 percent were classified as other. 


The survey shows that 70.4 percent of surveyed agents are currently employed, with the remaining 29.6 percent indicating that they’re currently unemployed and actively seeking work. 

The 29.6 percent unemployed reported that 45.4 percent have been out of work for over 1 year, 13.1 percent for 6-12 months, 29.2 percent for 1-5 months and 12.3 percent have been looking for under a month.

In terms of age, 67.8 percent of respondents indicated they were 45 years of age or older, with 78.3 percent of respondents having 10 or more years of experience in the travel industry. 

When asked how long they have been employed by their current employer, the response was:

  • 10 or more years 25.1%
  • 5-9 years 15.3%
  • 1-4 years 44%
  • Less than 1 year 15.6%

The survey also shows that 94.7 percent of respondents would be willing to leave their current position if an opportunity became available. Breaking this data down further to 48.6 percent would leave in general, 23.7 percent willing to leave if the pay was better, 10.3 percent if benefits were better and 12.1 percent would negotiate with their current employer first. The remaining 5.3 percent indicated their unwillingness to leave their job.

When asked about their level of their satisfaction with their compensation, the results are as follows:

  • 23.1% felt their compensations was above average 
  • 36.6% responded average
  • 32.8% felt their compensation was below average

In regards to satisfaction with their hours, 79 percent of respondents replied that their work hours were average or better while 14.7 percent responded negatively.