Stat: 87 Percent of Travelers Don't Buy Device Protection While Traveling

According to the new Traveling with Tech survey by protection plan provider Protect Your Bubble, 87 percent of smartphone users do not use a more protective case or buy a protection plan for their smartphone prior to traveling for both business and leisure, even though 50 percent of users worry about malfunctions with their devices while traveling.

The online survey, which was presented to more than 780 people across the U.S. during August 2015, examines the lengths travelers do (and don't) go to in order to protect their technology on the road.


The survey showed that, while 29 percent of people are concerned about water damage to their devices, 58 percent brought devices during activities like jet skiing, deep sea fishing, and snorkeling. 

Protect Your Bubble designed the survey to identify which devices consumers are using when they travel for both business and leisure, and how those devices are being damaged while traveling. According to the survey results, the top three technology items people take with them while traveling for business are smartphones, laptops and portable chargers. Similarly, the top three devices to bring on a leisure trip are smartphones, portable chargers and digital cameras. This slight difference in devices for the two types of travel highlights the need for people to capture memories while on vacation rather than have access to business resources, Protect Your Bubble said. 

The most popular technology item that survey participants bring with them for all kinds of travel is a smartphone. 

Source: Protect Your Bubble