Stat: Eight Percent of Americans Receive Extra Time Off This Summer

With summer kicking into high gear, has released a new look at the habits of U.S. travelers from the "Summer Getaway" survey, reporting that just eight percent of the 15,723 Americans surveyed receive additional time off during the summer, from summer Fridays, extra days for discretionary use or office-wide early closures.


Of the eight percent who are receiving additional time off from work this summer, 38 percent say their boss would not want them to work while on vacation. However, the ability to go on vacation and actually disconnect from work is often easier said than done. Twenty-seven percent of those who receive extra time off say their employers would like them to stay connected and 11 percent say their employers would like them to work.'s 'Summer Getaway' survey also takes a look at what Americans do with their extra vacation time this summer and the sentiment their employers have about using this time off, among other key findings, including:

- Less Vacation, More Stress. About one in 10 respondents who receive extra time off this summer will unfortunately be using that time to catch up on work, and approximately one in three (35%) respondents, who lost three or more vacation days this summer compared to last, reported high stress levels.  More vacation time equals less stress.

- The Long Weekend. When it comes to vacations, one out of three respondents (36%) who receive additional time off during the summer plan on traveling over catching up on errands or work. And if they plan on making it a long three-day weekend, 34 percent say the longest road trip they would take is about five to seven hours away. One quarter of respondents' ideal road trip would be to somewhere no more than two to four hours away.

- Planning the Trip. Almost half (46%) of respondents who receive extra time off during the summer, plan their vacations a month or more in advance.  One in ten respondents prefer to take spur-of-the-moment summer weekend trips.  Almost half (45%) of those who are using their extra time off will plan their vacations while at work.