Stat: Solo Travel on the Rise

AARP has released a new report delving into the solo travel market. Here are the highlights:

  • Among adults age 45+ who have traveled for personal/leisure reasons in the past 2 years and who use at least one online travel website, 37 percent claim to have taken a solo trip in the past.
  • Of the 37 percent who have traveled solo, 53 percent of travelers are married and 39 percent are single/divorced.
  • On average, they have taken 4 solo trips. 
  • 81 percent are likely to take another solo trip in the next 12 months.

The Solo Traveler

  • Most solo traveling takes place domestically without a tour group. Many take these trips to experience a destination they have always wanted to visit or to treat oneself. 
  • The Solo Traveler is looking for a laid back and relaxing vacation. The best part of a solo trip is simply the chance to get out of town and to do something nice for oneself. 
  • Most Solo Travelers choose a destination they have been to before, likely a city/town or beach locale, which is oftentimes a place they have been to with others.  
  • The majority of Solo Travelers are extremely satisfied with their solo trips and most (81%) plan to take another solo trip in the next 12 months.

The Solo Dreamer

  • Those planning to take a solo trip, the Dreamers, are doing so because they want to experience solo travel, and not necessarily because of any significant change in their life.
  • Like the Solo Traveler, the Solo Dreamer desires to visit a destination they have always wanted to see. But, the Solo Dreamer is also considering solo travel as a way to check something off their bucket list.
  • Solo Dreamers look forward to a laid back and relaxing vacation with little concerns about planning their trip. In fact, the majority do not express any concerns with solo travel, including personal safety.  Of the few who express solo travel concerns, budgeting, solo travel fees, and identifying activities at their destination are mentioned. 

Source: AARP