Student Travel Gives Young Professionals an Edge

According to a recent poll, entitled The Brightspark Edu-Travel Report, key leadership traits garnered through student travel including, independent thinking, an appreciation for diverse culture, risk-taking and confidence, give young people a competitive advantage over their  peers, especially when it comes to realizing success in adulthood.

Over 500 American entrepreneurial and business leaders stated that their travel experience as a student had fostered the development of relevant leadership skills. About 95 percent of survey respondents strongly agreed that being well traveled was a competitive advantage in the workplace. Additional survey results showed that educational travel allows students to test their independence and character while gaining a deeper appreciation and acceptance of the world around them. Ninety-nine percent of American business leaders said that being more culturally aware provided them with opportunities for success in all facets of life, on both an international and local scale.

In particular, when it came to career, social connections and  overall happiness, The Brightspark Edu-Travel Report discovered that the majority of business leaders who traveled as a  student rated their success a four out of five in those categories.

"Student travel provided me with a safe framework to challenge myself and develop lifelong leadership skills," says Matt Wilson, co-founder of, a website for young entrepreneurs.