Study Shows One in Five Families Can't Take Time for Vacation

Thompson Holidays will create a Family Charter to allow parents to identify how they will spend more time with their children. The charter will be published in the children’s newspaper First News.

The charter comes on the heels of a study by Thomson Holidays that one in five British parents can’t take off enough time from work for a family vacation. Also, 49 percent of workers have not used their holiday allowance.

“The Thomson Family Charter will help us all ditch the distractions and dedicate more time to our families. We know it’s tough, but let’s find a way of working together as families. It’s not just about parents offering more time, but kids making time too,” said Nicky Cox MBE, editor of First News, to Thompson Holidays.

Also, today a parliamentary report, Giving Britain a Break, was published and supported by the Family Holiday Association that states more quality time with the family would benefit the economy.

The Thompson research was taken from a randomly selected sample of 471 families in the UK with children ages 8 to 10 years old.