Surrey Brings Bar Pleiades to Guests

One of the new and more popular services at The Surrey Hotel, following its $60 million renovation, is the property's personal cocktail service in a guest's room. That's not to say that Bar Pleiades is not a pleasant place to sip while chatting or relaxing. In fact, the hotel's bar and lounge was inspired by Coco Chanel and the Art Deco interior features black and white lacquer finishes, French doors and quilted walls.

But sometimes you prefer the privacy of your own room, or extra touch in your salon, while you enjoy a libation. The Surrey's exclusive cocktail program brings Bar Pleiades' classics to the guest with an in-room menu and mixologist that brings all the accoutrements required for. The personal bartender concocts the first round and leaves you to enjoy the additional rounds yourself or by requesting his or her service again. The menu includes vodka, gin, tequila, bourbon and rum cocktails.