Top 10 Emerging Eco-Destinations From Greenloons

Irene Lane, founder of Greenloons, a company that provides travel planners with information on responsible, sustainable and certified ecotourism, suggests 10 emerging eco-destinations for clients interested in green travel.

1. Jordan’s eco-lodges allow travelers to learn and explore the modern and ancient wonders of Jordan. Clients can take a camel safari, discover Petra and the Dead Sea, and trek though the Dana Nature Reserve.

2. Borneo boasts more than 5,000 diverse and endemic plant species in its jungles, beaches, caves and on the relatively untouched Mt. Kinabalu. Award-winning eco-lodges harvest rainwater, use solar power and manage wildlife rehabilitation. 

3. The Philippines is among National Geographic’s "20 Best Destinations for 2011" and Palawan Island scored as its top eco-destination. There are 7,000 islands where guests can swim with whale sharks, view endangered sea turtles and discover the mountain-to-sea ecosystem of the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

4. Belize, with its more than 87 distinct ecosystem types, has made ecotourism a staple of its economy. Roam through ancient Mayan temples and rainforests and gaze at the world’s second longest barrier reef.

5. Botswana favors low volume, high quality, environmentally conscious safari travel into the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert, the savannahs of the Moremi Reserve and the forests of Chobe and Linyanta Game Reserves.

6. With 23 national parks and forests covering nearly 30 percent of the country, Poland is a trekking, bird watching and big game viewing paradise.

7. Croatia’s eco/agri-tourism focuses on culinary tours with locally sourced organic produce and family farm stays.

8. Guyana offers a wide range of topography to view exotic birds, jaguars, red howler monkeys, giant river otters and other wildlife.  Also the famed Karanambu Ranch rehabilitates orphaned giant river-otters so they can be released back into the wild.

9. Argentina is home to Glacier National Park and the active Perito Moreno, one of the world’s only advancing glaciers, as well as the tropical rain forests of Iguazu Falls near Brazil, the Antarctic environment of Tierra del Fuego, the Andean mountains, the Patagonian steppe and the coastal marine habitat of the Valdes Peninsula.

10. In Ethiopia discover the virtually untouched Simien Mountains, home of the Gelada baboon, Walia ibex and endangered Ethiopian wolf. Or be awed by the Rift Valley Lakes and Blue Nile Falls or Lalibela, considered to be one of the greatest spiritual-historical sites of the world.