Top 12 Things to Bring to Europe

Kier Matthews, Vice President of Sales for Europe Express, recently shared his list of "must-haves" for a trip to Europe. 

1. iPad - Loaded with books and movies for entertainment, and it's also not bad for catching up on emails on the go.
2. Vanity Fair magazines - Can't get enough highbrow gossip and fashion.
3. Brookstone eye pillow - Blocks out the light. 
4. Leather weekender - I strongly dislike dragging a suitcase over cobblestone streets and sidewalks.
5. Dark suit - I can wear it as separates or as a suit for meetings. Add several vibrant shirts and you are styled for days.
6. Note cards - To write thank you notes on the go. Manners, manners, manners.
7. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - Flying really dries my skin. In my opinion this is the best daily moisturizer on the market.
8. Clinique eye serum - Helps end eye puffiness after a flight and is refreshing.
9. Lip balm - Can never have enough of this. 
10. Multi vitamins - Helps me flight off colds and fatigue.
11. Noise canceling head phones - No explanation needed. 
12. Scarf - An easy way to add a pop of color and stay warm on cool evenings. 

What's on your list? Share in the comments below!