Top 25 All Stars: Jessica Griscavage

Jessica Griscavage

McCabe World Travel

McLean, Va.

Jessica Griscavage has been a travel advisor for 10 years; she currently brings in $4 million a year in sales. Anne Scully, McCabe World Travel’s president, who proudly nominated Griscavage as an “All Star,” considers her to be the “go-to” person for those suppliers who want to increase their sales with the travel agency. “They know how much she influences her clients and how closely she’s connected to her community. She understands how important travel relationships are in making her clients’ trips that much better,” Scully says.

One of the high points of Griscavage’s tenure at McCabe World Travel involved “a very wealthy family [that was] going to visit London and Paris. Using my well-placed contacts, I arranged a private tour of Highclere Castle by Lady Carnarvon and private tea. In Paris, knowing their two little girls are ballerinas, I booked private lessons with a dance instructor from the School of Balanchine. The mom said: ‘Best day of their trip!’” For the father and son, she set up an off-road bike trip outside Paris. “The family now understands we can make magic happen,” she says. 

Griscavage has also influenced major hotel brands by getting them to realize that “if they did not welcome infants they would lose young family business for years.”

“Ritz-Carlton acknowledges my suggestions for what they needed to have to make an infant comfortable on arrival...phones that blink not ring in their hotel room...formula, diapers, strollers...all the things young [traveling] couples used to be burden with. In my 10 years I have grown with these couples and have increased sales and referrals,” Griscavage says.

Griscavage is also helping McCabe World Travel create a program to give back to the local community. First steps have included working with local charities and fund-raisers.

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