Top 25 All Stars: Lynn Ciccarelli

Lynn Ciccarelli

Cassis Travel Services

Los Angeles, CA

Michele Montgomery, president and CEO of Cassis Travel Services, says that travel advisor Lynn Ciccarelli’s approach to developing custom getaways involves “a thorough evaluation of her clients’ aspirations, budget and travel preferences.” She praises this $1 million advisor’s extensive network of local travel experts across the globe. “From private guided tours, dinner parties, food and wine tastings, Lynn is adept at tailoring trips to the specific needs of individual or group travelers, providing an exceptional experience,” says Montgomery.

Ciccarelli, an independent contractor who has been in the business for a decade, specializes in small group and celebration travel that, she says, frequently includes complex travel itineraries. “Cruises are often [combined] with private shore excursions to reflect the group’s interests,” she says. “I work closely with the client to consider the best options for all ages and interests of those traveling together [while also] working with a reliable network of global travel partners, to create a unique experience.”

While she appreciates the value of social media for making new contacts, Ciccarelli, who has served on Virtuoso’s Caribbean travel advisory board and participated as a honeymoon expert on NBC’s “TODAY Throws a Wedding,” feels that a top advisor needs to have confidence and knowledge. “Know your product, believe in it and travel as often as you can,” she says. “Experience firsthand what you are selling. Understanding logistics gives me the ability to ensure the client has a plan in place that gets them from point A to point B in an effortless way. After a few suggestions by e-mail, I pick up the phone to close the deal. In the end, the sale is always closed with the personal interaction and expressing capability to create a one-of-a-kind travel experience.”

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