Top 25 All Stars: Steve Lincoln

Steve LincolnLincoln Travel, Inc. – an independent affiliate of Nexion, LLC

Bridgewater, VA

This “All Star” brings in nearly $2 million a year in revenue by specializing in study abroad travel. Steve Lincoln has worked with several universities for 12 years and currently arranges travel for 74 international programs.

“These range from alternative spring break volunteer programs to a full year abroad,” Nexion President Jackie Friedman says of Steve Lincoln’s work. “He has developed a very strong leisure business by attracting families of the students to visit and travel with their children either pre- or post-semester. He arranges several small alumni groups each year and a number of alumni reunion cruises and tours.

“What makes Steve so special is his willingness to help others,” Friedman continues. “He has served as a formal and informal peer mentor for newer agents.” One of these agents called Lincoln a “go-to” person for any question, problem or concern. “He always has time to help and share his wealth of information from his years of experience.”

For example, when the volcano erupted in Iceland, wreaking havoc in air travel, Lincoln aided a stranded client. “When he was done, she handed her phone to another stranded passenger,” Friedman says.

“He was not my client but I was happy to help,” Lincoln says. “He was just about out of lifesaving medicine, could not get a refill, and could not reach his travel agent. I was able to get him on a flight that afternoon. He arrived home within hours of a medical crisis. He’s been my client ever since.”

This year, Steve was honored as Nexion’s first-ever triple award-winner with the Circle of Excellence and MillionAir awards for sales excellence and the peer-nominated Ambassador award for overall contributions to Nexion and its agents.

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