Top 25 All Stars: Willa Owens

Willa Owens

Creative Vacations

Dublin, OH

Willa Owens’ desire to still welcome every client as they walk through the door at Creative Vacations after more than 25 years as an agent is proof that this 70-year-old’s passion for the business has never waned.

“Her infectious smile sets the tone for our office as her pleasing personality is contagious to our customers and employees alike,” says Craig Baldridge, president of Creative Vacations. “She is not only motivated and passionate about travel, but her clients, too. Willa nurtures relationships with her customers, many becoming friends. She has continually increased sales and profits year after year.

And she also does her part to give back to the community, whether it’s her involvement with the Earle & Jean Bruce Alzheimer’s Research Fund, the Urban & Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research, the Athletes Against Alzheimer’s WTVN Radio-thon or the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

Owens, who brings in nearly $1.5 million a year in sales, networks her community and develops those relationships continually. “I often carry four business cards with me, no matter what event I’m attending,” Owens says. “I’m always looking for the next client.”

“Willa is patient and listens to what her customers are saying,” says Baldridge. “Then she delivers, putting together vacations that will garner the memories and experiences that keep them returning to her, year after year.”

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