Top LGBT Travel Insights From the 2014 Community Survey

Community Marketing, Inc. has released its 8th Annual LGBT Community Survey. We've rounded up the top travel insights to give you an idea on the state of the market. 

Economic Confidence

Economic confidence indicators were mixed. 45 percent of LGBT participants indicated at least one positive economic answer, 25 percent indicated at least one negative economic answer and 30 percent were neutral.

Travel Rates High in Past and Future Purchases

When asked about purchases over the past year, "Vacation of 5 Nights or More" was tied for second among gay and bisexual men and in second place among lesbians and bisexual women. 

When asked about planned purchases over the coming year, the results were similar. A "Vacation of 5 Nights or More" rated in second place for all respondents. 

Mobile Drives Travel Purchases

Over half of respondents used a mobile device to purchase a travel or entertainment product over the past year. 

To download the report, visit and click on the "LGBT Research" tab.